A good archer does not

  • Talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting
  • Talk to another archer who prefers to be silent
  • Offer advice unless asked
  • Exclaim on the shooting line, for themselves or others, in joy or disgust
  • Walk off the shooting line while a neighbour is at full draw.  (It is better to wait until you are both finished and leave together)
  • Touch another archer’s equipment without their permission.
  • Walk up and down the line comparing scores.
  • Shoot distances beyond their capability, continually missing and holding up shooting.
  • Disturb people with loud mobile phone ringtones or speaking on the phone on or around the shooting line.
  • Smoke near the shooting or waiting line.
  • Leave litter on the archery ground.

A good archer always

  • Helps to put out the equipment and put it away.
  • Pays to replace another's arrow damaged through their carelessness.
  • Takes into account other archers shooting on the same target when positioning his foot markers, and allows sufficient space for them.

Etiquette when scoring (GNAS Rules appendix A)

A good archer:

  • Does not go behind the target to retrieve arrows before the scores have been taken.
  • When calling scores, does so in groups of three, and in descending order, for example, 'X-10-9' pause '9-8-7'
  • While calling scores, points to each arrow as it is called, without touching the arrow or target face (106/b).
  • Does not touch any arrow or the target face until all arrow values have been recorded and checked.
  • When required to do so, takes their turn at scoring.
  • Only withdraws the arrows of others if this has been agreed by them.
  • At the end of the round thanks the Target Captain for the work done by them.
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We are an Archery Club for Archers in the Totnes area.
We welcome archers with Recurve, Compound and Long Bows and all types of Field Bow. Cross Bows are not allowed at this club.

All archers shooting at the club MUST be full club members, or affiliated to GNAS or FITA through current membership of another club. Proof must be produced on demand.

Experienced archers wishing to join the club should contact the secretary.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club


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Can my child practise archery with Totnes Archers. What age can someone start shooting?

Archery is often described as a sport for all ages. However, we generally recommend that children do not start to shoot until they are at least at secondary school age, as younger children are still developing physically, and until they are older, it can be quite easy to damage growing muscles or bones. We take junior members from 10 years old.

Totnes Archers has a 'junior' section, for archers between the ages of 10 and 18, and we welcome young archers who have shot before, juniors can join in the same way 'seniors' can. If a child has not shot before, they may be able to join our beginners' courses to learn the sport. KEVICC registered students are welcome to attend the afterschool club to do their initial training.

Can Totnes Archers help with a corporate event or help in providing corporate hospitality?

Unfortunately, Totnes Archers is not generally able to assist with corporate events, or in the provision of any corporate hospitality. Totnes Archers is run exclusively by unpaid volunteers, many of whom are in full time paid employment. As a result, members of the club can seldom be available during the conventional working day. It is also a requirement imposed upon Totnes Archers by its landlord that the club does not undertake commercial activity at its main venue, and most corporate events or corporate hospitality would be deemed to be commercial activity.

Can Totnes Archers provide special group sessions, e.g. for other types of club or group, stag or hen parties?

Totnes Archers can run sessions for local scout and guide groups, we also have provided sessions for other community organisations for their members to "Have a Go". Please contact us for details.

Unfortunately, Totnes Archers cannot cater for group events such as stag or hen parties. For the same reasons as corporate events.

Does Totnes Archers offer private/paid tuition, or individual coaching?

Totnes Archers does not normally offer private, paid, tuition to members of the public. We are an amateur sports club, and while several of our more experienced members are either qualified coaches, or have some tuition expertise, it is our understanding that private/paid tuition is outside the scope of the Club's normal insurance arrangements (provided through our national governing body).

Can Totnes Archers provide Archery at our summer fete?

Totnes Archers can with proper notice, attend local fetes and shows. However, we can only attend if we can arrange enough volunteers and the venue has a suitable Risk Assessment.

If I have shot before, even if I have not practised for a while, or I currently shoot somewhere else, how do I go about joining Totnes Archers?

Totnes Archers is happy to welcome archers back into the sport after a period away, or to see archers from other clubs shoot with us.

If you are still a member of the Grand National Archery Society ("GNAS") (in other words, if you have paid a membership fee to another club during the last year) you will be able to apply to join Totnes Archers immediately. If you wish to join as an associate member (i.e. retaining your membership of another GNAS club) then all you need to do is fill in an application form and send it to the Membership Secretary. Please make sure that you tell us which club you are a member of, and confirm your GNAS number. If you would prefer to transfer membership from your other club to Totnes Archers, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

If you are returning to the sport after some time away, i.e. you are not currently a member of GNAS, you can still apply to be a member of the Totnes Archers, but we will ask you to attend one of our periodic assessment sessions for returning archers before completing the formalities of your application. You will appreciate that we need a chance to confirm whether or not potential new members returning to the sport might need to refresh their memories before becoming active archers again! For returning archers who have been away from the sport for a particularly long time, or who are particularly rusty, we may recommend that those archers enrol on a "beginner's course" as a reminder of the basic points of shooting form and range safety.

If I have not shot before, or have only shot very occasionally (e.g. at country fairs, in the guides, scouts or at school) how do I learn the sport?

Totnes Archers runs beginners' courses throughout the year for people who wish to take up the sport of archery. The courses are advertised on our website and on our facebook page. We can accommodate up to 12 beginners on these courses and enquiries are taken on a "first come, first served" basis. We do not hold a waiting list and rely solely on adverts on our website and our facebook page, and word of mouth.

How much does it cost to be a member of Totnes Archers?

The current annual fee, 2015, for full adult membership of the club is £62.00; the junior fee is £10. This is reviewed in September every year. Each session you attend as a senior member will cost a £3.00 range fee and £1.00 for junior members.

Our Membership Secretary can supply fees for other classes of membership, including associate members.


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Archery GB Number 2232 & 2263




  • The Club shall be known as TOTNES ARCHERS, hereinafter referred to as the Club.
  • Application for membership implies an unconditional acceptance of this Constitution and any associated rules.
  • All monies and sums received on behalf of the Club shall remain the property of the Club and there will be no distribution of such funds amongst the members.  All monies paid to the club are non refundable.
  • The objectives of the Club shall be the promotion and encouragement of the sport of Archery in all its forms, other than Bow Hunting, which is illegal in this Country.  
  • Through its approved Coaching System it shall give thorough basic tuition to all beginners, invited to attend approved courses. 
  • The shooting regulations as prescribed by Archery GB Rules of Shooting and Shooting Etiquette shall be accepted as governing the branches of the Sport of Archery practised by the Club and its members.
  • Nothing will be included in the Constitution which conflicts with that of Archery GB, DCAS or GWAS.  The Club is committed to the guide lines laid down by Archery GB regarding Children and Vulnerable Persons and will take all necessary steps to uphold these policies.  The Club is also committed to the Archery GB Equity policy.
  • The postal address for the Club will be that of the Secretary, or the Chairman, if the Secretary’s post is vacant, for the time being.
  • The Constitution of the Club shall not be altered or amended except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Club.
    • Members wishing to move a proposition designed to alter or amend the Constitution shall submit such a proposition, in writing, to the Secretary, at least 21 days before the Meeting at which such proposition is to be considered. 
    • Notice of such propositions which it is intended to move shall be advertised at the Club.



  • The management of the Club’s affairs shall be entrusted to the Club Committee.
  • The Club Committee shall essentially consist of:  Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and School Liaison Officer.  Additional posts could be Chairman, Records Officer, Equipment Officer, Child Protection Officer and Members and Junior Representative.
  • The Committee shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting which shall determine the terms of their appointment.  Officers will be elected to the post for an initial period of two years, after which time they must stand down.  They are permitted to stand for re-election if they so wish.  Only half of the Committee will be elected annually.  In the event that posts remain unfilled or become vacant through other means, members may be co-opted to fill those posts until the next AGM.  Members may hold more than one post, providing they do not hold more than one Executive Position. ie Chair, Secretary or Treasurer
  • Any duly proposed and seconded motion shall be voted upon, and carried by a majority decision.  In the event of a vote being tied, the motion shall be deemed to have failed.  The motion may be duly presented for vote at a later meeting,  provided at least 3 months has elapsed and those members who were present at the first meeting have been duly informed.
  • The Club Committee may appoint sub-Committees, or co-opt members, and may delegate to such Committees or members, powers within defined limits.
  • All shooting members are to be affiliated to Archery GB.
  • Any person interested in Archery, having attained the age of 18 shall be eligible for admittance as a Senior member, or under that age, as a Junior member.  To be considered for membership of the Club, a person must complete a Student Archer six session Course as laid down by Archery GB, or have taken part in Archery previously and must demonstrate, if required to a suitably qualified Club member, a competence to shoot safely, after first applying to the club, quoting all relevant previous experience, and must have the date of their proposed assessment duly recorded in the Minute Book.
  • Any person, who is affiliated to Archery GB through another Archery Club, shall be eligible for admittance as an Associate Member, or may shoot as a Guest member.
  • All members shall accept the jurisdiction of the Club and shall conform to such conditions, shooting rules and regulations as may be determined from time to time.
  • If in the opinion of the Club any member shall have been guilty of conduct which makes it undesirable that such a member should remain a member of the Club, or a complaint is lodged against another member, it shall be brought to the attention of the Committee as soon as possible.  The Club may verbally warn the offender about the nature of the offence and should the offender continue a written warning will be sent.  In the final event, an EGM may be called.  The Club may then expel such a member, after a hearing, without being called upon to state a reason to any but the person concerned.  The Club’s decision is final.  In such an event the member forfeits any monies paid.



  • All members as defined in Clause 15, 16 & 17 shall pay an annual subscription to the Club at rates determined by the Committee in Committee meetings.
  • All members shooting at each attendance shall pay range fees to the Club at rates to be determined by the Committee in Committee meetings.  A fee agreed by the Club will be paid to the Shooting Venue Landlords, if presented with such invoices.
  • All subscriptions shall become due one year after initial subscription has been paid. Any member not having re-joined within one month of that date, shall be considered to have left the Club and will not be entitled to shoot until that person has paid the necessary fees and re-joined the Club.



  • The Club Treasurer shall cause to be prepared, and shall present at the Annual General Meeting, a Balance Sheet, which shall have been externally and independently examined, showing the financial position of the Club of the preceding year, together with an Income and Expenditure Account for the preceding 12 months.  The original balance sheet shall be signed by the Chairman after acceptance by the meeting.
  • A Bank Account shall be maintained in the name of the Club.  All cheques and orders withdrawing monies from the account shall be signed by two of the Committee, as designated at the Bank.
  • In the event of dissolution of the Club, the residual assets, after all liabilities have been cleared, shall be handed to DCAS for safe keeping as defined in the DCAS Constitution.
  • Any immediately required/emergency expenditure may be approved, without the need for Committee meetings, by a minimum of 3 Committee members, at least one of which MUST be the Treasurer.



  • The Annual General Meeting shall be held, where possible, during May, at a place determined by the Committee.  Where possible, not less than 21 clear day’s notice of such meetings shall be communicated to each Club member.  Any member wishing to raise a subject for discussion should forward the necessary information to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting.



  • An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Club Committee, or at the request, in writing, of 4 or more Club members.  Where possible, not less than 21 clear day’s notice of such a Meeting shall be communicated to each Club member.  Only the matter which caused such a meeting to be called shall be discussed.



  • At all General Meeting:
    • 5 members shall form a quorum
    • Each Club member shall be entitled to one vote only.
    • Proxy or postal votes will not be accepted.
    • 3 Committee members will form a quorum at Committee meetings.



  • The Club shall, at a venue agreed by the members, organise weekly shooting sessions, as advised by the Committee and agreed by the Members. Shooting outdoors when weather and daylight permits.
  • Beginners Courses, Taster Sessions and Specified Coaching activities shall be run on any shooting session agreed by the Committee, with the membership of the Club being notified in advance of any such events.
  • Junior members, up to the age of 16, must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  However as this is a school club a supervising member of staff must be present on site for all sessions held during term time.  If the session is run out of term time written parental consent must be given for each member attending.
  • Junior members may only shoot in the presence of at least two adults, one of which must be a member of Archery GB.
  • The Club accepts no responsibility for junior members, other than they observe the Club rules and discipline when engaged in a Club session.
  • The Club accepts no responsibility for personal injury, or loss or damage to personal equipment, other than that covered by Archery GB Insurance.
  • All members  &  guests must treat Club equipment with care and respect to avoid damage and to report any such damage, without delay,  to the Equipment Officer or in his/her absence, to a Committee member.
  • No item of Club equipment may be removed from the Club premises, unless agreed by at least 2 Committee members, one of which MUST be the Equipment Officer. (i.e. for use in a Competition, or for maintenance etc.)
  • Beginner’s equipment may be provided for a new member to try Archery without having to purchase their own equipment before having to decide whether they are going to pursue the sport.  They will be able to use the Club’s equipment, when not required for new beginners, for use after they have completed an introductory six week course.  After this time the Committee may charge a rental fee at an amount as decided by the Committee.
  • All personal equipment shall be placed in such an area as not to cause an obstruction during shooting.
  • The Club may run Club Championships/Competitions & Club Leagues throughout the year.  Only members of Totnes Archers will be eligible to take part.  Trophies and medals may be awarded to all recognised bow styles and as may be agreed by the Committee.  Club members shall be expected to assist in the organisation and preparation.
  • On all occasions that Club members attend for shooting, all persons are expected to arrive in ample time to assist in setting up, taking down, storing equipment and generally clearing up afterwards.  All equipment, safety signs, back stop nets etc. must be rigged in accordance with accepted custom and practice in order to satisfy all Health, Safety & Insurance requirements.  Persistent late-coming will not be tolerated and may result in the offender being refused admission to that session.
  • Every member must satisfy themselves that the range is set out correctly and being operated safely, and that any club equipment being used is in a fit and proper condition and is being operated safely.  Any infringement of safety or damaged equipment must be reported, without delay, to the nominated field/target captain, who must take immediate steps to rectify the situation.
  • Members must ensure that their own equipment is maintained in a good state of repair, such that it is fit and safe to shoot. 
  • A Field/Target captain must be nominated from amongst those members present for each session. All members must comply with the instructions issued by that nominated person. Members must be aware that they may be asked to undertake the duties of Field/Target Captain and all that the post entails, in rotation with all other members.
  • Any incidents or accidents must be recorded in the Incident/Accident Book as soon as they occur. These are to be found in the cupboard.
  • Any accusations or allegations made by any member present at a session towards another Club member MUST be documented and duly witnessed, without delay, so that the Committee may investigate and deal with this situation as soon as possible.

Any and all incidents are to be notified to a Committee member, verbally if one is present or by telephone before the end of the day.  A Contact list is available in the cupboard.

  • All coaches must hold a current CRB and Child Protection Certificate.  Also all Committee members are required to hold a CRB.
  • Risk assessments must be done termly, or as soon as any circumstances change, or as required by the Land Owners.
  • Club colours, which may be registered with Archery GB, are yet to be decided.  These, or Archery GB dress codes, must be worn at all Competitions where Archery GB dress codes apply.
  • This Constitution is a dynamic document and as such changes will need to be made.  However any changes must be made at the AGM with all members present having the right to vote on the said changes.  






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